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Libyan, Turkish construction sector to gather in Istanbul

Urban Expo and Forum 2022 to be held in Istanbul on Oct. 3-4

Libyan, Turkish construction sector to gather in Istanbul


Key players in the Libyan and Turkish construction sectors will gather at The Urban Expo & Forum 2022 in Istanbul on Oct. 3-4. 

The two-day event, which is expected to welcome more than 200 Libyan businesspeople, aims to create an environment for the two countries to sign deals for new infrastructure and superstructure projects.

“The realization of cooperation between the two countries, the continuation of business agreements without interruption, is also extremely important for Libya to regain its sustainable development policy,” said Ghaleb Gheblawi, head of the ADD International Group, which is organizing the event with ICF Fairs in Türkiye.

Gheblawi underlined the importance of the event for exporting the know-how of the Turkish housing sector.

The Turkish construction sector has a large presence in the international market, and Türkiye and Libya have longstanding historical ties which have gained strength as Libya seeks to leave behind factionalism toward greater national stability and prosperity.

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