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ADD events provides a special events in different sectors with high standard organization to deliver exceptional customer outcomes and experiences through our events.

The Urban Expo & Forum - Misurata 2024

Specialized in of urban, and real estate investment and development sector, and hosts top experts in engineering and architectural consultancy and urban planning and design.

The 3rd International Shipping & Delivery Services - SHIPPEX Libya 2024

Specialized in shipping industry with all sectors and Delivery services Which All Partners in This sector will Display Their Services and Technologies for Visitors and Customers. This event Comes where the Organizers Emphasize the Need to Create an interaction business platform, for companies to meet and exchange their expertise to Expand Their Businesses among consumers and their business counterparts in other countries, As Well As to Meet Decision-Makers And governmental officials.

Libya Water-tech Expo 2024

As Water Such An Invaluable Life-Sustaining Force For All Humanity, But Extremely Important In Particular For Libya, Water Is Considered A Vital And Strategic Element For The Future Of Our Country, Region, And For Our Future Generations, So We Have To Understand The Situation And Explore The Latest Technologies To Preserve And Secure Our Water Reserves.

The 7th Libya Construction Exhibition 2024

The 2nd Libya HVAC Expo 2024

Specialized in construction and building Sector, which has launched hundreds of products into Libya. The event serves as a platform to facilitate partnerships, advance knowledge and industry best practices, and to boost local and international businesses into the market.